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Belgian Atheist, I've been raised by Club Dorothée (ancient french show), The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, The A-Team, Macgyver, well by TV more than the rest. Product of the 80's, teenagehood through the 90's. I'm a french speaker from Belgium, living behind the flemish barrier, but go a lot by the english speaking culture, still not totally and I'm glad of that. I comment more on LJ than I create (actually I'm more on Twitter and Tumblr now). I would like to improve some things but I'm the hell of a procrastinator. And hell it is.
I don't like MySpace (apparently not a lot of people do now, poor guys at myspace), I don't like Facebook (still don't!), don't like anything that looks über-social and is not warmful inside. I prefer LJ (well, more Tumblr now :-s but go LJ still!) where you can express yourself through the stuff you like. I'm not good at expressing myself through me. I can look pissed-off like Elliot Stabler, humorously lonely like Chandler, searching for truth like Mulder, or dancy like Britney (humm okay old school Britney really) ;-). Go figure... ^^
Take care of yourself, and please respect animals, they need it. :-) We all need respect.

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"I Want To Believe"

I feel good with nature, but humans destroy it

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